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My name is Michael LaFido, as a top-producing Realtor and real estate consultant with over sixteen years of experience in the industry, I have learned the importance of superior marketing versus "traditional marketing", which has become the key to my success. 

To help agents demonstrate their skills, I have created a luxury broker certification. This new designation establishes a minimum set of standards for agents. My program instills the same principles I outline in my book, "Marketing Luxury", and teach through my Marketing Luxury Group.  

It offers potential clients third-party validation through documented, hands-on training and certification. Most agents spend years trying to secure luxury listings; many never get them. With this certification, agents have access to proven and repeatable marketing systems which can be utilized in the marketing of their luxury listings. This certification and the training agents receive as part of this program will almost single-handedly pull the luxury real estate niche out of the Dinasouric Age. Agents are seeing astounding results from these pioneering methods.

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Certification Program Modules

The following is a list of the modules included in the Luxury Listing Specialist Certification Program. Click on any of the module for a detailed description.

Welcome to the Luxury Listing Specialist certification. Defining luxury can be difficult. In Lesson 1 of LUXE 1, you will learn the definition of “high end” and “luxury” when it comes to real estate. This lesson also focuses on increasing what you charge and your average sales price.
Lesson 2
Your Best Year Ever
In lesson 2, you will learn the foundational principles to having your best year ever.  From developing a rock solid power business model, to having an iron clad mindset that can’t be easily discouraged,  you will discover the successful habits to model in your own business.
A solid marketing foundation is essential in being successful in luxury real estate. In lesson 3, you will learn how to build your core marketing machine by using the C.L.O.S.E.R. Formula. You will also learn how to develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
Using videos to sell homes is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In lesson 4, you will learn all the tips and tricks required to utilize video to sell homes faster.
In lesson 5, you will learn how to increase your conversion and identify personality types with DISC. This lesson focuses on customizing your marketing presentations to suit your buyer’s or seller’s personality.
In lesson 6, you will learn how to qualify the appointment by asking the right questions and how do we create a positive impression prior to meeting the potential client.  This lesson focuses on teaching you how to differentiate yourself from the competition before the actual appointment.
Lesson 7, shows you how to build rapport, and what to focus on from the time you walk into the house.  Use data and visuals to enhance your message.  Know what makes you different than your competition.  We will also show why it’s important to “stack” the offer so that it is a “no brainer” for a seller to hire you.
Once you have secured the listing, you must gather as much information as possible to emphasize the positive aspects of the property. In Lesson 1 of LUXE 2, you will learn the importance of the the difference between pro-active and reactive selling.  Use the “Coming Soon” blueprint to create excitement and curiosity about the property prior to placing it on the market.
You only get one chance to make a first impression!  Since most sellers are not able to be objective about their home, it is crucial that you share case study’s, visuals, statistics, along with “before and after” staging photos with the seller.  In Lesson 2, you will learn how to present that data and how to highlight the positive impact that staging will have on the transaction.
Now that you’ve secured the listing, it’s time to develop systems to ensure consistent communication with your clients and consistency in your marketing efforts.  In lesson 3, you will learn how to create systems, manage sellers expectations, and focus on your client’s motivation during the listing period & entire transaction.
It’s show time! Lesson 4, helps you to understand what information you need when showing luxury or high-end properties. You will also learn to enhance the property, in a variety of ways, to make the showing an “informational experience.”
Marketing higher-end homes today requires much more than just “traditional” pictures and descriptions on the MLS.   In Lesson 5, you will learn how to create your marketing story and leverage your lifestyle marketing to attract more buyers and clients.
When marketing a higher end home or a luxury home, one of the agents’ goals is to keep the home “top of mind awareness” to buyers agents, buyers,  and the media.  In lesson 6, you will learn how to create a luxury marketing event that will help position you as the leading authority for higher end homes.
When marketing higher-end homes, the press can play an intricate role in bringing additional exposure to the marketing of the home. In lesson 7, we will show you how to attract the media to your property. You will also learn how to develop relationships with both the local and national media.
"Wow, I have never seen a more impressive approach to listing and marketing multi million dollar properties. Michael's inventory of homes reads like a Who's Who list of America's Best Real Estate Properties. If you want to break into the multi million dollar property market, or learn how to get your luxury listings sold, Michael is the person to talk to."
Judy Ladeur, Real Estate Agent
"After attending Michael's all day seminar in Lewisville Texas, I can attest that agents who want to break into the luxury market, and/or are looking for very unique and aggressive marketing strategies for their luxury listings, this designation is a must. As agents there are many courses to choose from, but not all of them have substance!  Michael is in the trenches and practices what he preaches."
Olivier Mevellec
Co-Founder & President
Global Marketing Agent
“If you want to market high-end properties then Michael’s Luxury course is a must.   He is the expert, and he leads by example with his impressive portfolio of $1 million+ listings and sales.   Michael recently gave a Marketing Luxury all day seminar to 122 of my agents in Dallas.  They were more than impressed and virtually all of them are going for the LUXE designation offered by Michael.   But even more important is the integrity and caliber of professionalism that Michael exudes.   A real class act.”
Mark Wolfe
RE/MAX DFW Associates

The Complete Luxury Listing Specialist Course & Certification is  available for just $997

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About Michael LaFido

Throughout his career, Michael has learned the importance of “lifestyle” and direct response marketing versus “traditional marketing”, which has become the key to his success.  This marketing approach is based on years of research, coaching, trial and error, and feedback from some of the worlds best marketers. 

Michael teaches top producing real estate agents worldwide to “think like a marketer” and not like “traditional” agents. Over the past fifteen years, LaFido and his team developed a method that takes a more comprehensive, proactive approach to marketing a home.  Every property is assessed with the homeowner, and a customizable blueprint to position the home in front of more buyers and brokers is created.  Our goal is to create massive exposure and press both online and offline to targeted both buyers, brokers, and influencers worldwide. 

Michael’s a best selling author and his marketing has been featured worldwide.  He is the founder of the nationally recognized “Verified House” Program for home sellers.  He is a leading authority in the real estate field and is highly sought after as a national speaker.

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