Become a LUXE Ambassador
What is a LUXE Ambassador?
LUXE Ambassadors are passionate about the real estate industry; they are individuals committed to raising the bar in luxury real estate through education and events; They are respected among their peers and have a history of bring creative and do
not have a scarcity mindset.

What does a LUXE Ambassador do?
A LUXE Ambassador will engage current and prospective members, helping foster each relationship, sharing the value of LUXE and insight into all that LUXE has to offer. Communication should happen both online and offline leading up to, during and after LUXE events, including offering engaging and relevant content on the LUXE Facebook Member Only Platform.

Be an Influencer
A LUXE Ambassador is a passionate advocate, who documents LUXE through photos, live videos, live blogging, live tweeting and the use of all available social media channels to provide members and perspectives the inside scoop during and after each event. They are boots on the ground and voice of the attendees, and they represent the brand in a professional, approachable and friendly way.

Be a Leader
LUXE Ambassadors are in integral part in creating an inspiring and energetic LUXE Community with willingness to mentor and support the LUXE Community.
Qualification of a LUXE Ambassador:
Benefits of being a LUXE Ambassador:
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